Cougars’ game canceled

By Kevin Eckleberry Sports Editor

September 19, 2013

The Lafayette Christian School Cougars are getting a night off.

The Cougars were supposed to play a home game tonight, but that plan has changed.

Earlier this week, the Twiggs Academy coach called Lafayette Christian School head coach Nick Nehring to let him know that his team wasn’t going to be able to play tonight.

“He had players quit, he has players hurt, and a coach even quit,” Nehring said. “He was at the point where he said, I just don’t have the guys.”

This was supposed to be Lafayette Christian’s homecoming night.

Instead, the school will hold its homecoming in two weeks against Ballard Christian.

Lafayette Christian’s next game will be Sept. 27 at Crosspointe.

Nehring said he tried, unsuccessfully, to find a replacement game for tonight.

“I tried all day Tuesday, calling everybody I could think of,” Nehring said. “I thought maybe we had one team, but it just didn’t work out.”

The Cougars are coming off a 64-6 victory over Byne Christian last week in Albany.

Quarterback Matt Brown scored a pair of touchdowns, and Trey Kirkland, Cole Clifton, Aaron Dixon, Graham Oliver, Eli Sheppard and Luke McKay each scored one touchdown.

“Everybody was able to play,” Nehring said. “The young guys were able to touch the ball.”

Nehring said the team made the most of the unexpected week off.

“We’ve got a couple of guys with a few injuries, so this will give them a chance to rest, and we’ll come back on Monday and really get after it,” he said.