West Point will ask Kia for help with trash

Jennifer Shrader Staff writer

October 11, 2013

After more complaints from Webb Road residents, West Point City Council plans to ask Kia for help in addressing a litter problem on the road adjacent to the plant.

The residents began complaining earlier this year when Kia and its suppliers adopted a no-smoking policy applying to anywhere on the Kia site. That meant many employees would get in their cars and drive to areas on Kia Parkway and Webb Road to take their lunch breaks, leaving much of their trash behind. Troup County deputies acted immediately to keep trash from being left behind on the county portion of the road, but the city didn’t act as quickly.

At the time, Kia and the city both said the other should be the one to do something about the problem.

West Point City Manager Ed Moon said Thursday that the city does send a crew out to pick up the trash and mow the grass, but not daily. The work is part of the regular rotation of the inmate crew.

Councilwoman Sandra Thornton said similar complaints have started along O.G. Skinner Drive since a few of those businesses in the industrial park have adopted a no-smoking policy themselves.

“Maybe we just need to put a big trash can out there,” she said.

Moon said Kia has been trying to tell its employees not to litter.

Mayor Drew Ferguson IV said it was time to approach Kia about working to solve the problem.

“It’s part of being a good corporate citizen,” he said. “This is a problem they helped create.”