Downtown retailers accommodate shoppers better

Barbara Miller For The Observer

October 16, 2013

NEWBERRY — Retailers in downtown Newberry are making plans to offer evening shopping hours. Keeping shops open until 8 p.m. will make it more convenient for residents with daytime jobs to visit stores after work or after supper.

Initially the shopping evening will be a monthly event, but, if response is satisfactory, more frequent late hours might be set up.

The first evening shopping night is Oct. 17 and almost 20 establishments have committed to serving shoppers until 8 p.m. To encourage people to visit downtown shops, individual merchants may be providing special offers or merchandise discounts. Restaurants, which are normally open in the evenings, are supporting this plan and might also have specials for evening shoppers.

Because some residents have been unable to shop downtown in recent times, the retailers have devised a program to re-acquaint shoppers with all the established and new stores. A “passport” will be provided and shoppers can get their passport stamped as the visit each shop. It is not necessary to make a purchase to receive the stamp.

At the end of the evening, passports may be turned in and a drawing will take place for gifts such as free merchandise and other special offers.

A second shopping evening is set for Nov. 21 and the third evening is Dec. 19. A schedule for 2014 evening hours will be developed and published early next year.