Vehicle hits man on bike, flees scene

Asia Ashley Staff Writer

October 17, 2013

Police say a man left the scene of a hit-and-run Thursday when his car allegedly struck a man riding a bicycle.

A police report said that the incident happened at about 7:36 p.m. Thursday, at the intersection of Dallis Street and Callaway Avenue, where police arrived to see the victim on the ground surrounded by several people.

The victim complained of dizziness and sustained a road rash on his left and right elbow, according to the report, but he did not appear to have life threatening injuries. According to the victim, he was traveling south on Callaway Avenue and stopped at the stop sign at Dallis Street. He then proceeded through the stop sign where he was struck by a vehicle that he said had not previously observed.

Police spoke with two witnesses who said they observed the victim cross the street, then observed a dark vehicle traveling east on Dallis Street with no headlights. The vehicle then struck the victim causing him to become airborne and land in the roadway, said witnesses. The driver of the vehicle, who the witnesses said was a heavy set black male, got out of his vehicle and asked the victim if he was OK before fleeing the scene. One of the witnesses said the vehicle appeared to be a mid 1990s style black or blue Cadillac or Chrysler.

The victim was taken to West Georgia Medical Center where he was treated for minor injuries.