GSP on high enforcement for Thanksgiving weekend

Andy Simmons Staff Reporter

November 25, 2013

The Georgia State Patrol will be launching their 102 hour campaign starting Wednesday.

The campaign will last until November 30th, but in between that time period all Georgia State Patrol Troopers in Troup County will be on duty monitoring the roads and highways in the area.

“We realize that the Thanksgiving holiday is a very high travel holiday period,” said Sergeant Maurice Raines, post commander for Post 2 in LaGrange.

“You have people going home to see their families, as well as people starting their Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We’re very aggressive in this period because of the high volume traffic.”

Raines offers some advice to the general public about how to safely travel during this time period, such as leaving early to ensure that one arrives on time to their destination, as well as checking the vehicle for any issues that may arise during the traveling period. These can include checking to see if the vehicle has a spare tire, if there is an adequate amount of air in each tire, checking engine fluids to make sure that they are at the proper levels.

But the main point of emphasis that Raines offers to travelers is to be safe.

“We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that the roads are safe,” Raines said.

“The ultimate goal is that everyone arrives to their loved ones, but also that they arrive safely.”

Defensive driving is the key to staying safe, according to Raines. Drivers should be mindful of the road and the traffic ahead of them and not be distracted by miscellaneous items such as a cell phone and directions to the destination.

“There’s just so many things that the public doesn’t realize that they think is very minor, but it’s very major when it comes to high volume traffic.”

Raines would like to begin a similar campaign during the holiday season when Christmas starts kicking into full gear.

“From Thanksgiving, until Christmas, until New Years we will be doing high enforcement.”