DUI enforcement intensified for holiday season

Andy Simmons Staff Writer

December 13, 2013

The holidays are a time for celebration, and there’s nothing wrong celebrating responsibly.

Troup County law officials, however, have made it clear that if you’re going to drink during the holidays, don’t get behind the wheel.

“We will be looking for impaired drivers,” said post commander Sergeant Maurice Raines of the Georgia State Patrol.

Raines says that the Georgia State Patrol will begin a campaign similar to the one they had during the Thanksgiving week where they will be “very aggressive” on DUI enforcement.The campaign will begin December 24th and will run through the 29th. The campaign will resume on the 31st.

“We basically have two holidays within a day or two apart starting of each other.”

According to Raines, the total number of DUI arrests so far this year has been the exact same as last year at 151.

“The motoring public needs to be mindful that if they don’t want anything happening to them, then don’t break the law,” Raines said.

“We pray that the Lord bless them with a prosperous New Year. Help us help them.”

Several Safety checkpoints will be placed throughout Troup County during the holiday season.

LaGrange police will also be on full alert for impaired drivers as well.

“There’s certain periods of the year we know that people gather together as groups maybe a little bit and drinking occurs a little bit more heavily,” Sergeant Marshall McCoy said.

“The one thing we’ve always promoted is the safe use of it (alcohol).We constantly remind people that if you’re going to drink, don’t drive.The police department is going to continue doing road checks.We do them fairly regularly now and we will be out there during those key times.”