Council to hold further talks with county over annexation

Asia Ashley Staff Writer

December 20, 2013

LaGrange Council on Thursday agreed to hold more discussion with the county before deciding on an annexation that would connect LaGrange and West Point city limits.

The proposed zoning area includes the area north of Sandtown Road and west of Interstate 85 and consists of 312 acres. The land is currently county land and majority of it would be used for residential purposes. The applicant is requesting to zone approximately 104 acres along the Sandtown Road strip for industrial and the remaining 208 acres in the northern parcel of land would be residential.

The annexation could entail extending Kia Pkwy. into LaGrange for better access to the proposed industry land. The land would contain nine lots and there is currently one prospect for the industry land that would likely draw more business to the area, according to board and zoning officials.

LaGrange City Manager Tom Hall said the proposal would benefit the city because the city would provide utilities for the area that would at some point be developed area.

When previously speaking with the county, Hall mentioned that the county may have objections to the annexation, but the city should work with them to mediate and address concerns.

A public hearing was scheduled for Jan. 14 on the annexation, but council agreed to instead hold further discussion with the county before proceeding.

In other news during the morning work session, council voted on a resolution request from the county to abolish the Troup County Airport Authority. The airport authority had been undergoing financial strain, said Hall, but the abolishment would change the board to an advisory committee.

To wrap up the last work session of the year, retiring Mayor Jeff Lukken encouraged the council to look more into marketing and branding strategies for the city that would help make it a more attractive area for living and for businesses. He mentioned using LaGrange’s French history or West Point Lake starting points for the city to consider in making the city marketable.

In council’s evening meeting, LaGrange Police Chief Lou Dekmar presented Lukken with a parting gift, a plaque for his and the council’s continued support of the LaGrange Police Department. Lukken accepted the plaque after aggressively placing a kiss on Dekmar’s cheek.