Neddih - what was left?

Thomas Hunkele Contributing columnist

January 8, 2014

Sarah turned to him, with tears she bent forward and cried out, “What if this is not the truth - what if they were here?”

Noah, reaching for her hands in an attempt to settle her, responded, “From the time known as ‘Before’ those with the special knowledge have conspired to hide the truth. Those who knew the Neddih knew that they were from a far off land, they were not like us.”

“What do you mean ‘they were not like us’?” - Sarah asked. Stepping towards Sarah, Noah replied, “The Neddih came here from a place called Hev-Inn in search of a place of hope - they embraced peace, the sanctity of life, and especially the value of their children.”

Noah, placing his arms round Sarah continued, “They were here millions of years before those like us evolved. They chose to embrace our nature, for we looked very much like them - but that was as far as our ‘sameness’ went.”

“I don’t understand,” said Sarah.

Noah turning towards the night sky and pointing towards the vast expanse of the universe sighed and told Sarah this story.

“The Neddih people were extremely intelligent, they were embraced by knowledge and the immense value of peace, but they were physically weak and often limited by their small stature. They lived among others, those known as the Stags, Quars, and the majority known as the Selfchozin - all of these beings pursued power and wealth - the stench of war forever embraced their quest for dominance. After millennia of struggle, persecution and death, the Neddih secretly developed a means of celestial relocation. Time passed and now they were indeed ready to leave Hev-Inn for a place third from a distant Sun.”

They arrived six-million years before we evolved and yet, just 35,000 after - another “Age of Death” began for the Neddih. They left years after they brought us out of caves and down from trees. They left us years after they taught us to raise both crop and livestock - just a few years after they taught us to read, write and think. And think we did, we thought of riches, power, dominance and reason to “crush” the Neddih - we are forever crushing the weak.

Over the past millennia some, those with a hint of the Neddih, have shared with us the immense value of truth, happiness, freedom and the sanctity of our children. Looking at most they indeed resemble the Neddih, for they were physically meek and mild. They pursued peace, and loved the gift of children. Yes they have names - perhaps you remember some, among them - Gandhi, King, and Jesus. Thousands, in fact millions of years have passed, nothing has changed.

The “Neddih” are indeed the “hidden.” They are hidden by the illiteracy and arrogance of humanity - where, as it was in Hev-Inn - war, the never ending pursuit of wealth, a limited value of children, and the never ending struggle for dominance enslaved them from the embrace of freedom. Think, perhaps for the first time, what is found in the echo of this word: Freedom! We’ll look at that next week.

Thomas H. Hunkele of Troup County is a certified fitness trainer and president of Lakeside Fitness.