Georgia’s economy on the mend, but still plenty of progress to make

Randy Nix Contributing Columnist

January 21, 2014

Last week under the Gold Dome, the Georgia General Assembly concluded on Friday completing our first official week of this legislative session, leaving thirty-five legislative days remaining. It is as always, an honor and privilege to represent all of you and your families at our State Capitol.

On Wednesday, Gov. Nathan Deal addressed a joint session of the Georgia House of Representatives and the state Senate. During his annual State of the State address, presented at the beginning of each legislative session from the floor of the House of Representatives, he focused on the financial condition of our state, as our economy continues to slowly improve. Additionally, Gov. Deal highlighted that Georgia was named as “the number one state in the nation to do business” by Site Selection magazine. That being said, Deal also stated that we must continue pushing forward to improve our state’s economy, workforce, and infrastructure. In previous years, due to a tough economy and decreased tax revenues, all state agencies shared in the necessary cuts required to balance our budget. For the first time in several years, the state budget will increase slightly due to an improving economy resulting in increased tax collections; a welcome signal that our state is slowly recovering and improving.

A highlight of Deal’s budget recommendation including a significant increase in funding for K-12 education. During challenging economic times, cuts were made and school years were shortened. With a slight increase in revenue for our state, the legislature is focused on once again increasing revenue for education. Deal’s budget recommendations include an additional $547 million dedicated exclusively to K-12 education. I was honored to serve on a joint House and Senate task force that conducted education “listening sessions” around the state and was delighted that the governor followed many of our recommendations in his budget proposals.

This week, I introduced House Bill 742 which will go through the House Judiciary Committee. This legislation would add a seventh judge to the Coweta Judicial Circuit. Also, House members received their committee assignments for the session. I will remain chairman of Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment, secretary of Banks and Banking, a member of House Appropriations, Economic Development, Higher Education, and Natural Resources and Environment.

With 35 legislative session days remaining, we are just beginning our job of representing our districts, our citizens, and our state. Today, the Georgia General Assembly will continue day six of the 2014 legislative session.

During the next several months, please look for my weekly legislative update in the paper. Please contact me with your ideas and opinions or if I can be of service to you in anyway. It is your input and common sense ideas that develop into the best legislation and potentially becomes the laws of our State. If you would like to reach me, please call me at (404) 656-5087 or write to me at: State Rep. Randy Nix, 18 Capitol Square, Suite 402 CLOB State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334 or e-mail me at