Enter your pet in the Daily News’ Cutest Pet Contest

January 31, 2014

Bet you’ve got one of the cutest pets anyone has ever seen. The question will, you enter that adorable dog, cat, cow, ferret or rabbit in the LaGrange Daily News’ Cutest Pet Contest?

The contest kicks off early Monday morning and continues through Feb. 28, with entries. Voting begins Feb. 16, and winners will be announced the week of March 1.

It’s a great chance to show off those furry friends. What’s more, entering is a breeze; it’s free, it’s fun and it’ll give your pets more than their 60 seconds of fame, with their cute, little faces being viewed by thousands upon thousands of people who visit our website every day.

The contest allows website visitors and all our wonderful readers to show off their pets and maybe, just maybe, earn them the title of our cutest pet.

There’s even prizes —$50 to the winner.

All you have to do is visit our website — — click on the Cutest Pet Contest at the top of our home page and follow the instructions.

So get out your camera and snap away, then upload those photos to our website, view all the competition and watch for our Facebook updates on how the contest is going. What’s more, use your social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, to draw interest – and eventually votes – to your pet.

Voting begins Feb. 16 and runs until Feb. 28, with the winners being announced on our website, through our Facebook page and in our print edition the week of March 1.

The sponsor for our latest online contest is LaGrange Farm Supply, both who graciously agreed to help make this fun contest available to you, readers of our newspaper and visitors to our website.

And take part in the contest. Everything about it makes you feel good, so why not be a part, showing off those pets you adore so much..

So join the fun, enter the contest and sit back and watch what happens.

You’ll enjoy yourself, get to view some of the cutest animals you’ve ever seen and you just might win a prize along the way.

Visit our website and enter those cuties today. Your pet may be just a few clicks away from being a winner!