Business: Blackwell’s celebrates 1,000 days without work-related injury

Contributed report

February 13, 2014

Blackwell’s, Inc. recently celebrated 1,000 days without a work-related injury by hosting a cookout for employees and their families at Pyne Road Park.

The Georgia Department of Labor recognized the business for the 1,000-day accomplishment.

“We can’t count on just luck to keep us safe,” said Clint Greathouse, safety coordinator at Blackwell’s and subsidiary CO2LD TECH. “It takes planning, effort, consistency … and a little prayer every now and then. We do all these at Blackwell’s, Inc. and CO2ld Tech”.

The effort placed on safety is important in the industry, but Greathouse said that “We believe in a God who protects each of us when we aren’t as focused as we should be.”