Public safety

February 21, 2014

Police responded to the 1500 block of Hogansville Road where a woman reported that the father of her child is stalking and threatening her.


Police responded to the 100 block of Laurel Avenue West in reference to burglary. A woman reported that an unknown person(s) kicked in the back door and stole an Element 32 inch flat screen valued at $188, a PlayStation 3 valued at $250 and a Galaxy 2 cell phone valued at $200. The damage to her backdoor was valued at $200.

Police responded to Source Care Management, where an employee reported financial exploitation of an elderly woman. The woman reported that she believes $2,070 is missing from the elderly woman’s bank account.

A woman from the 100 block of North Davis Road reported to police that her ex-husband stole $500 from her bank account, which he had the bank card for.

A woman on Miami Street reported that $400 hidden under the carpet of her residence was stolen.

Police responded to the 1300 block of Hogansville Road where a woman reported that her daughter’s white iPhone 4 was stolen while at Gardner Newman Elementary School.

A couple from the 100 block of Haralson Street reported that they sold their vehicle through a Craigslist ad and the man who bought the vehicle still owes them $500.

Police responded to Colquitt Street where man reported his credit card number had been stolen with $205 worth of charges to it.


A man in the 400 block of Hill Street reported that his Dodge Ram had sustained damage to its hood and passenger side by a sharp object. The damage is valued at over $500.

Police responded to the 100 block of Sunset Street where a woman reported that an unknown person hit her Dodge Avenger and drove off, causing extensive damage of a unknown value.

Police responded to Orchard Hill and Redding Drive in reference to a hit and run where a woman reported that someone driving a Dodge Ram hit her Chevrolet Equinox and drove off causing an unknown amount of damage.

Criminal Trespassing

Police responded to the 500 block of South Lee Street where a woman reported that her brother and mother, who she recently kicked out of her residence, damaged her side door to retrieve their belongings.


Police received a referral from Adult Protective Services indicated that a 76-year-old female was being physically abused by her caregiver at a residence on East Haralson Street.

Police responded to the 100 block of West Haralson Street in reference to an assault made on a man by his co-worker. No charges were pressed.

A woman on Whitaker Street reported that her son pointed a BB gun at her and threatened her.

Police responded to the 400 block of Brown Street where a woman reported that her boyfriend pulled a knife on her, but did not make any motions to hurt her. The boyfriend reported that she pulled a knife on him as well. Both parties were intoxicated. Charges were not pressed.


Police arrested two juveniles under the charge of stealing a 60 inch LG flat screen television valued at $1,300 from a residence on the 800 block of Honeycutt Avenue.

While patrolling Hammett Road and Youngsville Road on Wednesday, police arrested Tony Allen, 50, of LaGrange on charges of resisting arrest and obstruction when he allegedly lied to a police officer regarding his identity.

Jasmine Porter, 26, of LaGrange was arrested on a parole violation through the Troup County Superior Court on Wednesday.

Jeremy Copeland, 24 of LaGrange was arrested Wednesday on charges of having two active arrest warrants for failure to appear and probation violation issued through the city of LaGrange Municipal Court and Troup County Superior Court, and possession of two Amoxicillin pills containing powder cocaine inside.

Lauren Yarbrough, 23, of LaGrange was arrested Wednesday at Walmart on New Franklin Road on suspicion of shoplifting $280 worth of children’s items and clothing and possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Marshal Smith, 31, of LaGrange was arrested Thursday at the pharmacy of Walmart on New Franklin on suspicion of attempting to obtain a schedule III narcotic, attempting to obtain a schedule IV narcotic and attempting to obtain dangerous drugs by fraudulent means.

On Thursday, police arrested Thomas Pannell, 19; Timothy Bledsoe, 18; Justin Wood, 18; and Jordan Merideth, 20 on Vernon Street on suspicion of possession of three small bags of marijuana allegedly found in Wood’s vehicle, which none claimed ownership of.