LaGrange police officers conduct ESU training

Submitted report

March 6, 2014

This week, officers from the LaGrange Police Department are training for the department’s Emergency Services Unit with the Georgia Tactical Officers Association.

The unit is a professional multi-tiered response team comprised of tactical operators, crisis negotiators, and a Board Certified Medical Doctor tasked with saving lives and reducing the propensity for violence through negotiated and tactical means.

Members of the Emergency Services Unit are continuously trained in evolving tactical operations and negotiating skills in accordance with National Tactical Officers Association standards. The officers on the Emergency Services Unit maintain a voluntary 24/7 on-call status and are committed to the safe and professional resolution of high risk incidents through negotiations and tactical operations.

The Emergency Services Unit is responsible for responding to high risk incidents involving hostages, barricaded felons, suicidal persons, civil disorder, high risk demonstrations, high risk warrant services, dignitary protection, and any high risk scenario deemed appropriate by the chief of police and/or the administrative services captain.