Optimist Club honors county deputy and firefighter of the year

Steena Hymes

May 6, 2014

The Optimist Club hosted a luncheon at the Mike Daniels Recreation Center to honor one county firefighter and one deputy for their outstanding work.

This year’s honorees were Firefighter Derek Boyd and Deputy Sgt. Derwin Brewer.

Boyd and Brewer were chosen by the Troup County Sheriff’s Office and Troup County Fire Department.

Fire Chief Dennis Knight presented Boyd with the honor of firefighter of the year.

Boyd has been with the fire department for nearly 33 years and plans on retiring in four months.

Boyd was commended on his dedication and work since recovering from a heart attack two years ago.

[Derek] has lots of knowledge and experience, he takes time to share that knowledge and experience with the new guys,” Knight said. “He is an all around good firefighter.”

“It really means a lot to me,” Boyd said.

Sheriff James Woodruff awarded Brewer with a certificate for Deputy of the year.

Brewer began his service at the Troup County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer in 1993. In 1994, he became a deputy sheriff.

In 2004, he received recognition from Gov. Sonny Perdue for his outstanding service to Troup County.

Brewer has worked in the juvenile division for 20 years and was appointed the head of the division in January of this year.

“Derwin is an all around great person to work with. He’s done a tremendous job with the juvenile division. He’s always got a positive attitude. I couldn’t think of no one else but him.” Woodruff said.

Brewer tearfully accepted his award in front of his wife and two daughters and was at a loss for words.

“I just appreciate the Sheriff believing in me and giving me this opportunity to show I can lead in a positive way,” Brewer said.

After the recognition, the floor was opened to questions for Sheriff Woodruff.

Many wanted to know about the gun law recently passed allowing permit holders to carry guns into bars.

Woodruff said the new law is both good and bad. He said allowing people to carry guns into bars is a problem, especially if heated arguments and fights lead to someone pulling out their gun.

Another guest at the luncheon asked for an update on how things were going in the county.

“Things are going well, we had a good year last year.” Woodruff said.

He added that as of Monday morning there are over 400 people in jail which reflects a higher rate of criminals off the street, but also a higher cost for taxpayers.

This issue of a depleted budget Woodruff inherited from the last administration was also addressed.

“We were left with nothing and we’ve had to rebuild from that,” Woodruff said.

He also praised the County Commission for helping provide equipment for the sheriff’s office that they could not afford.

“We’re getting our feet back under us, its going to take a while,” he said.

Next Monday, the Optimist Club will recognize the city police and fire department at the Mike Daniels Recreation Center.