Our View: It’s Election Day, vote!

May 20, 2014

In Georgia, as in the rest of the United States, we’re about as free as we can be when it comes to voting.

If we’re citizens, meet the minimum qualifications and register, we can vote. Or we can skip it.

In many Troup County elections, that’s what many voters do. Skip it.

That’s our choice. To skip voting is a sorry choice, one that shrugs at both the right and responsibility of citizens in a representative democracy. But required voting, as some people have suggested as a solution to low turnouts, is just un-American. Coercion would skew the vote; honest results depend on willing voters. Some who will be here only a short time might not vote in local elections because they figure it’s not their place — they won’t be here to live with the consequences. That’s a rational decision.

But most of us of voting age have a stake here, and thus an adult obligation. As the old maxim says, to govern is to choose. To self-govern is to choose for ourselves, to put vote to voice, decision to opinion. That takes time and effort.

Put another way, do you want to give your proxy to that knucklehead down the street who votes in every election?

Local and state governments have made it more convenient to vote in recent years, with weeks of early and absentee voting. Troup County is no exception..

Governments can make voting easier, but it takes voters to make it happen. So between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. today, those of us who haven’t cast ballots early will have 12 hours to do so.

There’s plenty to decide this time around.

To exercise our freedom is our work as citizens today. We’ve got all day to clock in. Let’s get it done.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s Election Day in Georgia. Citizens, vote.