Busy summer for Grangers

By Kevin Eckleberry

June 9, 2014

The season never really ends.

Preseason practice for the 2014-2015 wrestling season officially begins in November, but the preparation for the upcoming season is going strong for a lot of teams, including the LaGrange Grangers.

The Grangers are in the midst of a busy summer that includes a week spent participating in the LaGrange High wrestling camp that began Monday and wraps up Thursday.

LaGrange coach Scooter Weathers said the summer program “helps them remember that they have to do this, this and this. It’s just to refresh them a little bit memory wise. A lot of them we won’t see again until hopefully December.”

Many of the wrestlers also play football, and they won’t be available until that season ends.

In addition to the camp, LaGrange also has a number of head-to-head matches scheduled throughout June.

Next up for LaGrange will be home matches against Hardaway and Smiths Station on Tuesday.

LaGrange is coming off a successful season that ended with six wrestlers competing in the state finals.

Eight LaGrange wrestlers qualified for the state sectionals, and six of them made it through to the finals, although none of them placed.

Many of LaGrange’s most successful wrestlers will be returning, including state qualifiers Garrett Godby, Qua Tucker, Kyler Hall, Dexter Jones, Guy Wegienka and Emmanuel Mann.

As for this week’s camp, Weathers feels it’s a valuable learning tool for his wrestlers.

They get to learn from a pair of successful, veteran coaches in Bremen’s Nick White and Northgate’s Adrian Anderson, and they get to hear some different voices from what they’re used to.

“They get tired of me. We can say the same thing, and it’s like I’m talking to a wall,” Weathers said. “We can get another coach out here and tell them the same thing, and they listen and do it.”