Troup High School debuts marquee sign

Steena Hymes

June 12, 2014

After raising $45,000 through the Troup High School Alumni Association, the school unveiled its new electronic marquee sign Wednesday in a presentation in the front yard of the school’s campus.

Troup High School Principal Chip Medders welcomed guests and shared his excitement for the possibilities the sign will bring.

“I don’t know if we understood last week how much potential we have now after seeing the sign up and running,” he said.

He thanked the Troup High School Alumni Association, led by president Ellis Cadenhead, for their time and energy into make the sign a reality.

Medders added that up until now the school has been limited on how it can communicate to parents and students and the sign allows for a better way to do so.

Cadenhead said he hopes the sign will help the teachers and administration to do things that they have not been capable to do, adding that it will give the school something to brag about.

The alumni association began fundraising in November of 2012 and has since raised $45,000 through an auction, a barbecue, gospel concert, a PTO sponsored dance, truck raffle and selling alumni bricks to create a walking path in front the school. Cadenhead said they will continue to raise funds for the sign through advertisements.

The sign stands at 23 feet tall, making it the tallest sign of all Troup County schools according to Superintendent Cole Pugh.

The sign has the capabilities to adjust lighting for better visibility, even in overcast weather. It will also be lit at night. In addition to communicating announcements and accomplishments, businesses will be able to pay for advertisements, which will continue to fund the sign.

Sheila Rowe, Board of Education chair, also spoke a few words, thanking the alumni for making a positive difference to the Troup school district.

“This is a dream come true for the school system, particularly Troup High,” she said. “This would not have been possible without your perseverance, your attentiveness, your support and your hard-work.”

The support of the alumni association comes especially at a helpful time as Troup County schools are continuing to see a reduced budget on a state level.

Pugh specifically thanked the alumni for stepping up to help in areas that have been affected by years of budget cuts.

“This is just the beginning of what is to come as the alumni work to support the needs of Troup High School,” Alumni Opal Hogg said. “The sign we have today is just one of the benefits of an alumni association.”