Callaway coach moving on

By Kevin Eckleberry

July 2, 2014

After seven years at Callaway High School, including four seasons as the school’s head softball coach, Nick Drescher is moving on.

Drescher has accepted a position at Norcross High School, and he’ll be an assistant coach in baseball and softball.

“I’m excited about it. My wife and my family are from up that way,” said Drescher, who has two twin daughters that were born last year. “It’s a good family move for us, and more job opportunities for my wife as well.”

Drescher said it “wasn’t an easy decision, but once we had the children, it was whatever was best for them.”

Drescher has been a member of the baseball coaching staff for the past seven years, and he took over the softball program in 2010.

The Lady Cavaliers made the state tournament in three of Drescher’s four years at the helm, including the 2013 season.

“It wasn’t easy to leave, but I’m happy softball is going to be in good hands, with Ashley Summerlin taking over,” Drescher said. “He’s been here for 10-plus year helping with baseball. He’s someone who will probably coach similar to what I did, the same style.”

Drescher added that “it was tough telling the girls. It was emotional, but they understood, and they respected it. It’ll work out for both parties.”

Drescher said that going to Norcross is “a great opportunity.”

“Norcross High School is a great school, academically and athletically,” he said. “They’ve got a coach who has been there in baseball for about three years. There’s a lot of opportunity there. The softball program has brought in an All-American from Georgia. She’s got a lot of promise there. They’ve got a good thing going.”

Drescher expects the Callaway softball team to do some big things in the future.

“There’s some good talent, and this eighth-grade group has a lot of talent, so the future is bright,” Drescher said. “Summerlin’s got a good group to work with.”