Police: Man jumped, beaten by men on Niles Street

July 31, 2014

LaGrange Police responded to West Georgia Health where a man was in the emergency room very disoriented with cuts to his right eye and right side of the face.

According to police, the victim’s friend told them the man was jumped by two or three people while walking past the ball fields on Niles Street. The friend said he found the victim laying near the parking lot and took him to the hospital for treatment.

Police said when they interviewed the victim later, he said he believed he was assaulted by two young males. Nothing was stolen from his wallet or pockets. The victim said he didn’t know why the battery occurred.

Police were investigating.


LaGrange police said a woman reported receiving a fraudulent check in the mail.

A police report gave the following account: the woman had been receiving phone calls for the past couple of weeks from an unknown number telling her she won a sweepstakes. The callers also asked for her bank account information, which the victim says she never gave out.

Recently, the victim received a check from BB&T Bank payable to her in the amount of $5,650. She also received a letter telling her she won a sweepstakes for $833,000 and she should contact a financial analyst after depositing the check.

When the woman went to cash the check, the bank told her it was fraudulent. Fortunately, the victim did not give out any money, nor was any money taken from her accounts.