Checkpoint leads to drug arrest

By Tyler H. Jones

August 20, 2014

A police traffic safety checkpoint on Ragland Street on Tuesday afternoon netted a LaGrange man who was charged with felony possession of prescription drugs outside their original container.

David L. Soltis, 56, of Page Street, was arrested after being stopped at the checkpoint and attracting officers’ attention by acting nervously. After verifying the man’s identity, officers learned he was driving on a suspended license and had previous arrests, according to police reports.

Soltis allegedly admitted to police that he knew his license was revoked and explained he was attempting remedy the revocation. Police asked the man to step out of his vehicle, at which point they placed him under arrest. Police were searching Soltis for weapons prior to placing him in the police cruiser when officers found a white paper towel containing two peach-colored pills in his front pocket.

Officers suspect the pills are 40 mg Oxycotin, a prescription pain killer, and have entered them as evidence.

Soltis was charged with possession of controlled substance not in original container, possession of schedule II drug, and issued citations for driving while license revoked, and habitual violator.