DUI suspect stops in middle of road

August 23, 2014

LaGrange police arrested a DUI suspect shortly after midnight Friday who failed to initially stop for an officer’s lights, then stopped in the middle of the road when the officer activated his siren.

According to a report, the officer began following the suspect’s vehicle northbound on Davis Road near Hogansville Road about 12:47 a.m. after noticing the vehicle wasn’t staying in its lane. After the car took several seconds to accelerate at a green light, the officer turned on his lights, but the vehicle kept going. After the officer eventually activated his siren, the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road.

The officer said the driver had bloodshot eyes and his vehicle smelled of “an unknown alcoholic beverage.” The driver admitted to having a single beer, according to the report.

After failing field sobriety tests, the suspect blew a .083 blood-alcohol content on a breathalyzer. The driver was arrested and charged with failure to maintain lane and DUI.

Couple charged after woman tries to conceal pot in pants

A couple was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession during a traffic stop Friday after admitting that the female suspect had hidden marijuana in her crotch.

An officer pulled the pair over for a stop sign violation, according to a police report, and when he initially questioned them, the male suspect gave him another person’s identity. After speaking with both of the car’s occupants, the officer eventually found out the male identity and that he had a warrant in another city for driving with a suspended license.

The man was arrested on the outstanding warrant and obstruction charges. An officer searched the car and found “multiple signs of possible suspected marijuana being inside the car,” according to the report.

The female was arrested on suspicion of helping the male conceal his identity after the officer found the male’s wallet in her purse, and told her if she had anything illegal on her, she should tell him. She then admitted that she let the male hide the marijuana prior to the traffic stop.

Both suspects were charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and obstruction.


A woman reported that a burglar entered her apartment at 1700 Park Place by breaking out a bedroom window and stole a blue Kurio 7S tablet valued at $250, a black and silver iPod Touch valued at $300and a set of orange Beats by Dre brand headphones valued at $300.