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Those familiar with current science related to the content of the cosmos - all that which has filled the absence, understands that matter fills a mere 5 percent of our universe, dark matter fills 26 percent while dark energy fills the remaining 69 percent.

Those familiar with human concepts also understand that time, a human presumptive measurement, is founded on the speed of light. Without light there would be no measure of distance throughout the cosmos, without light we would not have concluded that all matter is moving away from the other. Heck, without light we’d linger in darkness - including, wait I can’t see that.

What moves us apart, dark energy - is beyond our seeing or understanding, but it’s there. Gravity, which is relatively weak - pulls all things together, the gravitational pull of a massive black hole is beyond understanding. If gravity is that powerful in “mass” than what is pushing matter apart from clusters of galaxies to sub-atomic structures - it is dark energy. At least that is the current human presumption. But what if human presumption is wrong? What if the causation of “existence” (One exhaling for the first time – pulling back the “Absence”) is true? Does one then presume the “absence” will be returned with One’s next inhale?

We like to think humanity is superior to all other known life, that we alone have awareness of self, we alone embrace the ability to know and understand all things - nonsense. We are simply a part of matter filling the absence, many have told humanity that we are simply a grain of sand in the vastness of the cosmos - they are wrong. Humanity is comparable to a singular sub-atomic particle - for the cosmos is yet to be fully comprehended, understood or seen. And yet perhaps we alone will, in the end - be the power that reveals the full content, purpose and reason for the cosmos.

But humanity has several mountains we must climb before we can begin to embrace that which One has breathed into the absence. First we must climb and conquer the mountain of self-value for that mountain keeps us from embracing the value of all life. The value of life starting with the Earth we live on and its environment to the most complicated of all life - humanity. Perhaps then we will finally put an end to human disease, starvation, ignorance, prejudice and illiteracy. Once we conquer the mountain of self-value perhaps we can put an end to the preventable death of 20,000 children each and every day.

The next two mountains we must climb and conquer are the mountain of power and wealth, and perhaps the most difficult of all - the mountain of Religious and Political Dominance. Once we climb these mountains, the mountains of “dark energy” that continue to push all things apart, perhaps then the worth of all life placed in our paths will be seen at the “speed of light”, understood within the embrace of One, and that which keeps us from unlimited love will be pushed away by the one entity greater than the speed of light - the speed of love..

But hey - that’s merely a human presumption and another “chiding homily” – yeah right…

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