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Jeff Brown Contributing columnist

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Within the past two week President Obama suffered several major defeats with Supreme Court rulings, had a poll showing him as the worst president since WWII, several polls showing his approval rating continuing to slide and yet another poll showing more people feel Mitt Romney would have been a better choice in the last presidential election. Nonetheless Obama, unlike Bill Clinton, continues to increase liberal policies by Executive Order bypassing the legislative branch.

The November elections will give the American people an opportunity to limit Obama’s increasingly unpopular actions. Additionally while President Obama cannot seek re-election in November 2016, we could elect someone who will continue Obama’s liberalism. This article will quickly look at a recent election and suggest where the November 2014 and November 2016 elections could go IF those opposing the failed policies of liberalism can get together.

The defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia to a political unknown in the Republican primary sent shock waves through the Republican establishment. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said of the Cantor defeat, “what the Republican establishment and Chamber of Commerce don’t understand is that there is a large element of America that wants a fight.” That element feels, “Obama is literally destroying the Country we love.”

Hillary Clinton said of Cantor’s defeat, “without compromise (many Virginia Republicans thought he compromised with Obama) you don’t have democracy you have people who believe it is their way or the highway.”

Many years ago, I took a course titled “Practical Politics” that made the point that it is more important for a political party to keep its base than to win an election. We are at a cross roads in America where I think the Republican Party needs to modify this and come together with others who call themselves Republicans, with unaffiliated moderates and dissatisfied Democrats to win control of the Senate this November and to find a candidate who can truly unite a majority to win the presidency in 2016.

The Tea Party has some good ideas that need to be heard and some that need to be abandoned. Republicans in name only (RINOs) need to be shown why embracing sound principles such as the ones below better serves our country. Finally the unaffiliated and dissatisfied Democrats must see that the Republican party has a “big enough tent” where they will be heard and some of the more divisive issues of the past parked at least for now so the disastrous policies of uncompromising liberals are exposed and stopped.

Therefore it is time to present to the American public a well documented and easily understood message and start by showing why Obamacare is a massive failure. However, let’s be honest and realize it is HIGHLY unlikely you can overturn it so a realistic fix that keeps some reasonable parts consistent with conservative principles needs to be presented.

Additionally since November 2014 and 2016, are such pivotal elections it is time for Republicans to park their active opposition to gay marriages and abortion. Let me stress the word park and suggest that those who have made these issues litmus tests instead work through their churches, volunteer and financially support how you feel. This is not the time to “win a battle only to lose a war.”

Also we need to stop talk of government shutdowns and further tax decreases. Instead, let’s propose a budget that finally addresses the hundreds of billions of waste, stops corporate welfare and convincingly shows how we can achieve a balanced budget without jeopardizing the key responsibilities of government such as national defense.

We must get behind limited immigration reform while showing those who came to this country legally why anything close to amnesty works against them; remember they are the registered voters not the illegals. Also most of us want secure borders.

We must show how liberal policies have negatively affected the careers of tens of millions and what we would do differently so more can realize the American dream.

Finally the massive failures in foreign policy by Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry must be proven and then we must articulate what we would do to restore our image around the world while protecting ourselves.

To do the above we need facts, brevity, prove we listen and can get things done consistent with what we said on the campaign trail. President Reagan, by far the most popular president since WWII, did this without compromising the basic principles of conservatism; so can we!

Email: jeffwarnerbrown@gmail.com

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