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Jeff Brown Guest Columnist

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I believe there are four main reasons why the world is rapidly becoming more dangerous. First and foremost is the rise of radical Muslims. Second are the failures of President Obama’s foreign policy. Third is how our military is being weakened. Fourth is part and parcel of the second reason, which is Obama has supported those opposing dictators such as Mubarak in Egypt, Khaddafi in Libya, and Assad in Syria.

Radical Muslims such as ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, El Qaida and Taliban are driven by what some moderate Muslims say is a misunderstanding of the Koran. Regardless these delusional but passionate people with no regard for life including their own and with hatred for Israel, Christians and the United States think they will be eternally rewarded for killing “infidels.” A minister recently said there has been a lot of blood shed by all religions; perhaps but this goes way beyond other religious wars.

This week a New York Times article said of John Kerry, “Israel officials appear dismissive of Mr Kerry’s aim in a way few secretary of states have faced.”

Other failures include spying on our allies, Iran continuing with its nuclear development, Benghazi, drawing lies in the sand in Syria that were never upheld, prematurely withdrawing all of our troops from Iraq, announcing specific dates of withdrawal in Afghanistan and various Obama policies that have Putin totally disregarding President Obama as Russia invades Ukraine and shoots down a civilian airliner killing all 298 aboard.

Sequestration, which President Obama supports and has resisted any changes, has primarily reduced money spent on our military which means our enemies know we have limited military power to come against them.

While the dictators that Obama opposed were bad people they helped to insure peace in the Middle East. So far the “Arab Spring” has largely resulted in much worse conditions than when the aforementioned dictators were in power.

If, as you look around the world you still support the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy, you might as well stop reading here since I believe you are involved in SIN. This is an acronym (thanks to Herman Cain) for Switching the subject when someone points out these failures; ignoring the facts and calling people Names in an attempt to discredit those detailing the failures.

If you are generally in agreement with the foregoing a logical question is what shall I do? My suggestions include one from Judge Jeanine, an avowed Catholic, who says Catholics need to tell the Pope to use his position of influence to try to stop the radical Muslims who are telling Christians, in much of the Middle East, to convert or leave or die.

As we go to the polls in November, we need to elect congressmen and senators with a world view like ours. In Georgia, that means we need to elect David Perdue versus Michelle Nunn. Unlike her father, former Sen. Sam Nunn, she will vote as the Democrat leadership tells her or she will lose any influence she might have otherwise had.

I agree with President Obama this week about increasing sanctions against Russia, but the problem is these sanctions are late and far from being as tough as they should be. We can help by not buying anything made in Russia nor traveling to Russia. In this regard you and I have enormous economic power, so let’s use it but do so as conservatives not as the liberals leading the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) did by divesting their stock holdings in Caterpillar, Motorola and Hewlett Packard for doing business in Israel.

We can also write letters to the editor, learn more about how dangerous the world is becoming, educate our friends and family about these issues and ask them to get involved. Social media offers an unbelievable opportunity to spread the word. If a meaningless flash dance can instantaneously put together thousands surely we can use it to try to save the world from radical Muslims, put pressure on Putin and get President Obama to recognize his foreign affairs failures over the past six years.

I do not make any pretenses about being an expert in foreign affairs, so I invite anyone with facts that contradict what I have said above or to introduce supporting facts and/or to present different solutions. I will put such into an article and distribute it to the same newspapers and individuals that get my articles now.

We need the passion of the radical Muslims, but the love of God through our spheres of influence as we try to make this a safer world.

Rep Jeff Brown (Ret)


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