The LaGrange Daily News has been serving LaGrange and the residents of Troup County and surrounding areas since 1843 when it was launched as a weekly newspaper called the LaGrange Herald. The name was changed later to the Chattahoochee, and in the eighteen sixties, as the LaGrange Reporter. After its merger with the LaGrange Reporter, LaGrange Graphic and LaGrange Shuttle (news of Southern textile plants) in 1928, the combined publications became the LaGrange Daily News.

According to Georgia Journalism 1763-1950, by Louis Turner Griffith and John Erwin Talmadge, Thomas J. Bacon was a brilliant member of the LaGrange ante bellum bar and editor until 1861. Mayor of LaGrange, he was one of the first to volunteer for service in the Civil War and the first LaGrange man to be killed on the battlefield.

The LaGrange Daily News was purchased by Heartland Publications, LLC in 2006. Heartland owns fifty-one paid publications in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia and Georgia. In late 2012 heartland changed its name to Civitas Media, acquiring additional newspapers in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Our publications epitomize the meaning of community journalism as they are all located in medium and small sized markets where quality local news is the singular important component of our focus. We believe that our mission is to provide the highest quality subscriber and advertiser vehicles available within our local markets.

A lot has changed at the LaGrange Daily News since 1843, but our goals are the same as they were more than 160 years ago- to serve the interests of our readers and advertisers.

More specifically: To grow an information company that provides news and advertising that is a critical part of peopleā?Ts daily lives in Midwest Georgia.


Our goal of giving readers a balanced and fair account of what goes on in this community and elsewhere in the world will never change, although the means through which we deliver community news and information has expanded rapidly.

Today our community members can take their news in print six times a week (Monday-Friday and Saturday), through daily e-mails, online and on their mobile devices anytime, as well as through special live streaming broadcasts from locations around town.

Currently we reach more than 24,000 community members through our print edition and more than 45,000 visitors to our website and mobile platforms.

The LaGrange Daily News seeks to provide the news the community needs, reported faithfully and fully, with respect for all and favor to none. We strive to be authoritative and insightful, to inform and to delight.

Our news and information products have our name on it. However, we want you to think of it as yours as well. Use it, enjoy it, and let us know how we can make it better. We are always eager to hear from you.

Our offices are located at 105 Ashton St. in LaGrange. We hope to hear from you.