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SMITH Column: Golf’s worldwide ambassador, Gary Player

Following the ceremonial tee shots on Thursday morning with Lee Elder, the newcomer to the show, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, the Black Knight of ... Read more

16 hours ago by Loran Smith.

OUR VIEW: Good luck to Laney in new role

Earlier this week, we reported on Callaway High School Principal Jonathan Laney taking on a new role within the Troup County School System. Read more

1 day ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

WHATLEY COLUMN: Light and darkness

Mary Ella and I took our grandsons to the lake this week during their Spring holidays and on the way, we ate our very late ... Read more

1 day ago by Charles "Buddy" Whatley.

Brady column: Faith and doubt

Upon the tragic death of a friend, Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote the poem “In Memoriam.” For a long time, Tennyson blamed God for the accident. ... Read more

2 days ago by Hal Brady.

BOWEN: The man who made the long journey to faith

Every time I think of the Easter season, I think of those who make a long journey from disbelief to faith. One of those individuals ... Read more

2 days ago by Steven Ray Bowen.

OUR VIEW: Another big win for West Point

For West Point, 2021 is keeping pace and trending to be a more productive year on the economic development front than 2020, when a lot ... Read more

2 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

OUR VIEW: Don’t trip up right before the finish line in COVID-19 fight

According to the latest data from the Georgia Department of Public Health, 9 percent of Troup County residents are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Read more

3 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

BERNARD COLUMN: Georgia GOP and guns

We should all want to control the misuse of firearms and, in fact, the majority of Americans clearly want something tangible done by Congress. Further, ... Read more

4 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

OUR VIEW: Glad to hear of progress in SDS talks

If there’s one phrase everyone in Troup County would love to stop hearing, it’s any words that have to do with COVID-19. That includes “social ... Read more

4 days ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

GENDUSA COLUMN: Happy trails to you

Dad held my hand as we strolled toward the mammoth beast he wanted me to ride. Since I was only five, the horse resembled a ... Read more

4 days ago by Lynn Gendusa.

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