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SMITH COLUMN: What a journey for Ian Hardin

One of the benefits of residency in a college community is an exposure to countless people with absorbing resumes and singular accomplishments. Read more

1 week ago by Loran Smith.

OUR OPINION: Importance of finding time to unplug before the kids are back in school

The remaining days of summer — at least if you have children in school — are dwindling quickly. Less than a month is left to ... Read more

1 week ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

OUR VIEW: Dog abuse allegations should be taken seriously

Several citizens came before the West Point City Council last week to discuss an alleged case of animal abuse in the community. Read more

2 weeks ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

BOWEN COLUMN: ‘Ever been to Heaven?’

Ever been to Heaven?’ The five-year-old had a hop in his step as he let go of his mama’s hand and plopped into the barber’s ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Steven Ray Bowen.

COLUMN: Vaccination rates by state: It’s all about politics

One of the biggest July 4th Stories from 2021 is whether the United States achieved its “independence” from COVID-19, in the form of high enough ... Read more

2 weeks ago by John A. Tures.

OUR VIEW: Watching COVID-19 numbers closely as school nears

A month from now our local students will be back in school. Yes, we know it’s hard to believe. Though the calendar doesn’t change, it ... Read more

2 weeks ago by FROM STAFF REPORTS.

TURES COLUMN: Florida’s demands for data on professors and students is un-American

This week, we’ve learned that the state of Florida is demanding that professors and students submit a series of responses to questions about their political ... Read more

2 weeks ago by John A. Tures.

SWINDLE COLUMN: Remembering the man from Oak Park

A child was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois who would later have a significant impact on the world.     This ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Jason Swindle.

OUR VIEW: Why you should attend Saturday’s Dragon Boat Race

This weekend West Point Lake will play host to the 5th annual Dragon Boat Race, which is held to benefit Harmony House Domestic Violence Shelter ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Daniel Evans.

GENDUSA COLUMN: Celebrating my grand July tradition

It is July! The month we light up the sky with fireworks, hold family reunions, watch the kids squeal at the pool, or catch an ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Lynn Gendusa.

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